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For some of us, we may talk to God easily through prayer, but for most of us, we struggle with hearing from Him. Yet, this is one of the most important aspects of our Christian lives. So, if you want to go from guessing to knowing without a doubt when God speaks and if you want to confidently know His will in the different areas of your life, then this is the book for you.

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Meet the Authors

Dwight & Joan Fletcher

Dwight and Joan Fletcher are the founding pastors for Transformed Life Church (TLC) in Kingston Jamaica. They have been in ministry for over twenty years and, together they passionately champion establishing God’s kingdom here on earth.

Joan is an Attorney at Law with a high value for truth and justice. She is a woman of great discernment and wisdom who is passionate about the work of the Holy Spirit and seeing people walk in their true identity. She is a fearless deliverance minister and a perfect compliment for Dwight, the visionary who leads through creativity and innovation. Dwight is a prolific teacher who is also known for his weekly thought provoking articles in the local newspaper. Together he and Joan have published First Steps in Your New Life a book for new believers. They have been married in excess of twenty five years and have three children, Olivia, Joel and Gabrielle.

Jean-Claude and Marsha Davidson

Jean-Claude and Marsha Davidson are two sides of the same coin. They are pastors at Transformed Life Church where together they partner with Holy Spirit in rooting and building up disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples. Jean-Claude is a financial whiz who credits everything he does to Colossians 1:28-29 – God working mightily through him to accomplish all. He has a devotion to learning at the feet of Jesus, a passion for teaching what he has learned, and a determination to disciple men into their purpose. Marsha carries the gift of wisdom which she has shared freely with many spiritual daughters over the years. She is a strong proponent of living the gospel and does this through the ministry of teaching, deliverance and healing. She has been married to Jean-Claude for over twenty-two years and together they have two daughters of destiny – Deborah and Sarah.

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